Want to be part of TMT ?

Thank you for your interest in the project. It's simple, I help you get a produced song for your catalog at no cost and we both promote that song in our respective channels. Please understand that this is a serious project so be ready to work hard.

If we work together, please answer your e-mail and keep me updated. This is a very important thing for me. If you are busy, join later when you have time to fully put yourself in the project.

When the song is finished, I will post it and promote it anywhere I can. I, of course, expect that you do your best as well. That's how I get back a little from my hard work on your track. This is a really great opportunity for you and definitely a massive exposure as the fan list and mailing list keep growing every year!

Yuji Kasai on the Guitar

CREDITS - This is a cross promotion project, that's the whole idea! The artist as well as the producer must give appropriate production and song writing credit. It mean that both of our name will be on the track title as well as a complete credit in respect for all artists who worked on the track anywhere possible (i.e.: lyrics section, info section etc...) on all websites, and any media. This is extremely important to me and with the people I work with to make your track.


You have an original song and want to have it produced

Send me a basic vocal/guitar or piano track
> add [from TMT] at the beginning of the subject line:

MixerI will listen to it and if I like what I hear, I will then send you an e-mail with instructions on how to send me the files. Basically, your vocals (Think layers and add harmonies if you can), your guitar or piano and any other instruments you got! I will then arrange it and add all the necessary instruments to make it produced.


You are a singer looking for an instrumental to sing on

Mic and LCD screenSend me an mp3 demo or a link to a song you believe will show the best aspects of your voice at:
> add [from TMT] at the beginning of the subject line:

I will then check it out. If I like what I hear, I will keep you in mind when I make a new instrumental or I may even get inspired right away and make a new instrumental on the spot!